How many of you had a chance to manage

a $3 billion account at the age of 21?


Well, I have.


My name is Peter Banks, and I began my

career as a trader at one of the largest Wall

Street banks followed by roles in quantitative

research. Yes, I managed a trading book

with the size of a little over $3 billionI

was able to create state-of-the-art  trading

and hedging strategies and generated

alpha for my clients. And then…??

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While reading thousands of books and white paper on the subject of trading I realized that

there are simply no specific recipes for success. This realization made me very frustrated, as

I believed that it’s possible to create trading strategies that have sophisticated algorithms, yet

are super easy to trade.


The goal was to create a systematic trading algorithm with the following features:


– Moderate to high level of returns

– In-built protection against downsides

– Consistent returns

– Trading takes 5 minutes a day

– Super clear entries and exits


I think me and my team of rocket scientists went through more than 10,000 trading strategies

borrowed from books, white papers, internet forums and, of course, our experience, before

we discovered the Trading Horoscope.





Trading Horoscope is a nice combination of hard-core quantitative research and

psychology. Let me explain you what I mean.


Trading Horoscope is a platform that analyzes historical trends and selects the best trading

signals based on risk-reward profile, consistency of returns, and optimal levels of potential

upside and downside. And that’s great…


But even the most amazing trading strategies will not work without your discipline.

If Warren Buffet and Paul Tudor Jones told you their best stock picks, but you have not

followed them through, you would not be able to produce good returns. Not every signal

is profitable, and only the disciplined approach will result in a good trading game. 


This is where the psychological helper strikes in. We were thinking about how we can

help you stay disciplined, and this is where we came up with the concept of a

horoscope. Just like some of you follow your horoscope on a daily basis, we wanted to

make it easier for you to follow our trading signals.


Trading Horoscope
Trading Horoscope



Step 1. Subscribe to our newsletter and

follow our picks on a daily basis.


Step 2. Open a free virtual trading account

and experiment with our trading ideas and

trading ideas of your own. Paper trading is

one of the best exercises, since your risk

of losing real money is equal to zero.


Step 3. Once you feel comfortable with

managing risk, and making rational

decisions about both winning and losing

trades, your next step is to start trading

with smaller chunks of real money.

Remember: trading is a risky enterprise, because you can lose your capital. Trading is a

skill, and trading is not for everyone. But how do you know that you are not a trader if

you never tried it? 

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