Pure statistics. Our signals are generated according to a rules-based statistical approach.

There are three major reasons we decided to move forward with the concept of horoscope. First of all, we wanted to generate trading ideas on the daily basis. Secondly, we wanted to come up with an alternative to the traditional stock classifications. Third of all, we wanted to make it easy and fun for you to follow our trading ideas…Trading Horoscope turned out to be the most elegant solution.

Every person has a date of birth. Similarly, every company has a date of birth, also known as the Date of Incorporation. We collected the Dates of Incorporation of the S&P 500 components and classified these components into 12 zodiac signs. This is really where Astrology ended.

Even if a specialized committee of the world best traders and investors, including Warren Buffet, Paul Tudor Jones, Marty Schwartz, and Bruce Kovner told you to purchase Stock XYZ, you should NEVER put your real money without checking this stock for yourself.

We have done a lot of hard-core research to give you the best trading ideas, with the highest historical returns, and most optimized risk-reward ratios. We have back-tested hundreds of short-term trading strategies on 1000+ names and selected the absolute winners…

…BUT trading ideas presented on this website are based on historical data. History tends to repeat itself, but there is always a chance for different market conditions, due to macro-economic factors, sector-specific news, or stock-specific events, including change in management, insider buying/selling, special dividend, earnings, etc. In short, when things hit the fan, the greenish glasses of profits turn bloody red.

We want to clarify that you can lose money trading our ideas. In fact, our data collected between 2012 and 2014 shows that approximately 40% of our daily signals have been unprofitable. It means that had you traded our signals in the past, you would have lost money in 40% of the cases. Moreover, this ratio can become even worse in the future. NEVER put your real money without consulting with your licensed financial advisor.

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Simple analogy: before obtaining your driver’s license, you need to learn traffic regulations. There are two ways to do that. The boring way is to study the Driver’s Manual by yourself. The cool way is to ask a driving instructor who would briefly summarize the most important rules you need to know. You still need to read the Driver’s Manual, but it is so much easier to manage it once you have an idea about what’s going on. Of course, the actual driving is the most important step, but you would be nuts to drive on a highway without knowing how to switch lanes.

Trading is a highway, crowded with high-frequency Ferraris, institutional trucks (often hauling Hazardous materials), and just idiot drivers. We strongly recommend you to use our platform to learn the key trading metrics that could help you analyze your own trading strategies before you deposit any real money to the Stock Exchange highway.

Your first step is to subscribe to our newsletter, follow it on a daily basis, and master all financial metrics presented on this website.

Your second step is to open a free virtual trading account with one of the leading platforms, such as Stock Simulator, and experiment with our trading ideas and trading ideas of your own. Paper trading is one of the best exercises in the world of trading, since your risk of losing real money is equal to zero.

Once you feel comfortable with generating new trading ideas, managing risk, and making rational decisions regarding both winning and losing trades, your next step is to start considering trading with small chunks of real money.

Trading is a risky enterprise, because you can lose money. Trading is a skill, and trading is NOT for everyone. But how do you know that you are NOT a trader if you never tried it?