Top 10 Overbought and Top 10 Oversold Stocks in the S&P 500



As the month of December strikes with all kinds of interesting movements in Bonds, Gold, and Crude, the S&P 500 keep grinding higher. How much more powder does S&P 500 have? Well, I certainly do not have answer to this question. But what I do know is that in every market some names are overbought and some are oversold.


Below you can find the top overbought names: $HAR, $JNPR, $HUM, $DLTR, $JBHT, $TSCO, $ADI, $CINF, $LUK, $IP

Top 10 Overbought Stocks - Dec 1, 2016


Here is the list of the top oversold stocks: $JNJ, $LLY, $CL, $PDCO, $CAG, $GILD, $BIIB, $PEP, $TSN, $TMO

Top 10 Oversold Names_Dec 1, 2016


At last, as a leading sector, financials are high – very high, while defensives (staples, uts and healthcare) are slowly,  but surely catching up

Average RSI (14) by-Sector_Dec 1, 2016


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